Welcome to the McMahon & Winters Law Firm. We are a Lancaster, PA Law Firm consisting of criminal attorneys and divorce lawyers and our focus is on protecting and defending our clients in the areas of Criminal Law, Juvenile Law, Custody, Divorce, DUI, PFA Matters and Expungements.
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Whether you are searching for criminal attorneys, or divorce lawyers, it is extremely important that you have legal counsel who will stand up for you and protect your rights throughout the legal process.

The criminal attorneys and divorce lawyers at McMahon & Winters focus on providing you with the personal attention you deserve by listening to your concerns, explaining the legal process in a way you can understand and returning your phone calls as promptly as possible.

Our criminal attorneys and divorce lawyers will work zealously to protect and defend you and seek the results you deserve.

Simply put, that is what we do.

When you find yourself facing criminal charges, the first thing you should do is secure an attorney to protect your rights. Our criminal attorneys have extensive experience within this area of the law, which is often very complex.

Our divorce lawyers also understand how to deal with the emotionally charged and high stakes of family law. Your decisions made during this important time in your life come with long-term consequences, so choices must be made carefully. At McMahon & Winters, our divorce lawyers will guide you through the nuances of family law.

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Excluding family law matters.
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