Michael Winters, Partner at McMahon Winters Soto-Ortiz, LLC Appointed to the Board of the Manheim Township Education Foundation (MTEF)

McMahon Winters Soto-Ortiz Law Firm is pleased to announce the appointment of Michael Winters to the Board of the Manheim Township Education Foundation (MTEF). The Manheim Township Education Foundation is a community foundation committed to the goal of ensuring an exceptional educational experience for all the students of the Manheim Township School District. It has performed this mission for more than 23 years, through non-traditional funding sources to promote state-of-the-art educational programs.

The MTEF provides valued resources to educators, administrators and school-related organizations for innovative, educational programs. The Foundation seeks to enrich the educational experience for each and every student of the Manheim Township schools with the following goals in mind:

  • The encouragement of inventive, enriching programs for students
  • The provision of financial resources, enhancing opportunities for students in areas including academics, artistic pursuits, and athletics
  • The creation of sustainable resourcing grants
  • The growth of resources including grant funded initiatives
  • The delivery of excellence in all pursuits – academic, the arts, and athletics – for the future success of all Manheim Township students.

Attorney Michael Winters is looking forward to joining the Board and believes in the MTEF’s mission and ability to provide an enriching educational experience to the students of Manheim Township.

“I value and appreciate the education that our students receive in the Manheim Township School District. And, I believe that our community is rewarded exponentially if we educate our students to become thoughtful, caring, and productive members of our community. As a Board member of the MTEF, I hope to utilize my skills to assist the Board in obtaining and providing resources – outside traditional tax-based funding methods – to the educators, administrators, and school-related groups, allowing them to develop innovative, educational programs that will benefit all the students of our District.” – Michael Winters, Partner, McMahon Winters Soto-Ortiz, LLC.

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